Basic Theory Test (BTT)

Passing your Basic Theory Test is the first step in getting your driving license in Singapore. Find out everything you need to know about your Basic Theory Test (BTT).

Final Theory Test (FTT)

Even if you are going for the auto car license (Class 3A), you have to clear the same Final Theory Test with those applying for the Class 3 (Manual and Auto) license. Check out everything about clearing your Final Theory Test (FTT) here.

Private Driving Instructor

The main reason why most people choose private driving instructors over driving schools is the cost factor. If you are looking for a private driving instructor (PDI), check this out.

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Pass Your Basic Theory Test (BTT) and Final Theory Test (FTT)

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Tips For Passing Basic Theory Test (BTT)

What Basic Theory Test Covers?

Primarily the basic theory test is fairly simple to pass as it requires mainly memorization of basic traffic rules, basic safety concepts and road signs

Answer 90% of your BTT exam questions correctly

During the actual BTT examination, you are required to get 90% of the questions correctly. This means you have to answer 45 out of 50 questions in the BTT exams to pass. The margin for error is really low but with hard work and common sense. A lot of our students clear the BTT on their first attempt!

Use Your Common Sense!

As obvious as this sounds, some students mix up similar road signs probably because they got too fixated in memorizing the signs. The way road signs are designed are logical. As simple as this sounds, exercise lots of common sense will help you passs your BTT exam.

Think In Terms Of Road Safety!

When we were going through Traffic Police’s requirements for passing the BTT exams to design our e-learning questions, we realized safety is of utmost importance to them (Traffic Police and regulators). When learning and memorizing the concepts and road signs – bear in mind when in doubt always remember that the questions are set to increase your road safety awareness.


Pass Your Basic Theory Test and Final (Advance) Theory Test With Us!

Tips For Passing Final Theory Test (FTT)

Go For Your Practical Driving Lessons First!

It is going to be much easier for you to pass your Final Theory Test (FTT) after you have gone for at least 1-2 practical driving lessons. Going behind the wheels and driving a real car will help you understand the concept of using clutch-brake-accelerator (for manual) and the way gears work (auto).

Think In Terms Of Safety!

We cannot emphasize this enough but there are a lot of aspects of driving in terms of driving safely. In understanding FTT questions, understand that you must have a good concept of what constitutes driving safely in handling your vehicle and navigating on the roads.

Say NO to drink driving!

There are quite a few questions in the FTT exam which cover drink driving. Frankly these are give-away questions as long as you understand the danger of drink driving.

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