Before you can take your basic theory test, you have to register your name under any of the driving schools even if you are planning to go for private instructor driving course.

The reason is because all students including private students are compulsory to take their Basic Theory Test (BTT) in any of the driving schools in Singapore.

Booking the date of Basic Theory Test (BTT) will have to be done in driving schools using their computers.

Driving schools do provide theory training for Basic Theory Test (BTT). Students will be going through many different sets of mutiple choice questions during theory training session. During the duration of the time, they are required to do as many sets of questions as possible because those questions will be the questions for Basic Theory Test (50 mutiple choice questions).

However, all students are adviced to read through the Basic Theory Book that is given to them when they enrolled into the driving school or they can purchase it in any bookstores. In this way, students will be well prepared before they go for the theory training sessions and are able to make full use of the time to finish as many sets of mutiple questions.

**Students are advised to go for at least 2 training sessions in order to have a higher success rate of passing the test.

Details of the Basic Theory Test:

– Passing score for BTT is 90%(45 qns.) with 50 mutiple

choice questions.

– The duration of the test is 50 minutes.

– Language available is English, Chinese, Malay or Tamil.