Comparison between driving schools and private driving instructors

“A driver licence (or driving licence) is required in Singapore before a person is allowed to drive a motor vehicle of any description on a road in the country. Like many other countries in the world, an individual must possess a valid driving licence before being permitted to drive on the road, and driving licence holders are subject to all traffic rules.

The minimum age to drive a motor vehicle and getting a Qualified Driving Licence (QDL) in Singapore is 18 years old. The driving licence is for the normal lifespan of a person and can be surrendered upon request to Traffic Police. For those who accumulated 12 demerit points and above, the licence will have an early termination.” – quoted from Wikipedia.

To those who are planning to get their driving license in Singapore, here are some tips by comparing between driving schools and private driving instructors.

1) Driving Instructors: For those who are planning to get a driving license in school, their driving instructors change frequently for every driving sessions. Therefore, driving instructors are not able to constantly keep track of the progress of the students. The only way to keep track of a student’s progress is by monitoring a student’s checklist to identify which lessons he has completed.

For those who are planning to get a driving license from private driving instructors, the students always stick to only one private instructor and hence, the private instructor is able to monitor closely the progress of the student’s driving skills.

2) Pricing

For every practical lesson taken in driving schools, the average pricing is S$70-$80 (inclusive of GST) for 100 minutes off-peak and peak hour lesson. For every practical lesson taken with private instructors, the average pricing is S$28-34 dollars per hour for 60 minutes off-peak and peak hour lesson.

A fast learner student will take 15-19 lessons to complete the whole driving course. So, if we compare the pricing for each driving lesson between schools and private instructors, the difference is $20-$30 if we change the private driving lesson to 100 minutes and adjust the cost accordingly in order to get a better results for comparison. A fast learner student who enrolled in driving school will spend approximately $1,050- $1,520 on practical lessons only, and that excludes enrollment fee, BTT & FTT fees and booking of Traffic Police (TP) date etc, while the private student will spend approximately $705- $1,083. The total savings for private students taking driving lessons with private instructor will be estimately $437. Therefore, driving lesson with private instructors will be more cost saving.

The total driving fee for students enrolled in school will be $1,500- $2,000 assuming that they passed their Traffic Police test at their first attempt.

The total driving fee for private students with private instructors will be approximately $1,100 – $1,400.

An average student will take 20-24 lessons to complete the entire practical driving course. We are going to do a simple yet detailed calculation for students who are taking schools and private instructors. As mentioned above, the difference between one lesson’s pricing between driving schools and private instructors is $20-$30. The total savings for private students taking driving lessons with private instructor is from ($400 – $720.)

The total amount spent on getting a license for students enrolled in school will be $1,900 -$ 2,400 assuming that they passed their Traffic Police test at their first attempt.

The total amount spent on getting a license for private students with private instructors will be approximately $1,400 – $1,900

Students who took 25 lessons and above, the total driving fee for school students will be above $2,400.

Total amount spent by the private students on getting the car license will be above $1,900.

3) Vehicle

Students enrolled in school will be driving different cars of the same brand. Hence, each car has different braking and accelerating system for students taking auto license, while students taking manual license, they will experience different type of feels in stepping on the clutch, brake and accelerator when driving different cars for every driving lesson.

Students will be more familiar with the instructor’s car when going for Traffic Police test because they drive the same type of car throughout the start of their first practical lessons.

4) Booking of Traffic Police test.

Students from school will have to complete their entire practical lessons before they can register for their TP date. The reason is every school wants to ensure that their students are well prepared before they book for their TP test. Most importantly, students from their school have the priority over private students to book earlier TP test date.

Private students can request their private instructors to book their TP test date before they complete the entire practical lessons only when the private instructors feel that you are progressing well with your driving techniques.

In conclusion, there are pros and cons in taking car license from driving schools and private driving instructors.