Taking Your Driving Lessons in Singapore for your Traffic Police Driving License Test

In general your driving lessons (from start to finish) consist of both theoretical and practical lessons.

The sequence of your driving lessons are as (in order):

1.  Basic Theory Lessons (theoretical)

You can really study from home at your own comfort or you can attend the lessons covered by the various driving schools. To be honest, the Basic Theory Test revolves around the basic concepts of driving and learning the various road signs and traffic regulation. Pretty much rote learning (memorization) in my personal opinion.

2.   Final Theory Lessons (theoretical)

Commonly known as “Advance Theory Test”, you can too attend final theory driving lessons if you wish to and like the Basic Theory Tests, we feel it is sufficient to study at your own pace.

3.  Practical Driving Lessons (practical)

Unlike the theoretical nature above, you are required to either enroll in a driving school for your school driving lessons or engage a private driving instructor for your private driving lessons.