After passing your Basic Theory Test, you need to pass your Final Theory Driving Test (FTT) which sometimes is also referred to as the Advance Theory Test.

Unlike the Basic Theory Test (BTT), the Final Theory Driving Test revolves around more advanced concepts in driving.

Important note: It is recommended that you take at least a few practical driving lessons in handling a manual vehicle before attempting the Final Theory Test. Certain concepts like usage of the clutch are best learnt based on practical experience. After handling the actual car, you will have a much easier time to grasp the various concepts required in passing the Final Theory Test.

We charge a flat rate of $7 as per below for unlimited access within 90 days.

Level Price  
Basic Theory Test - 90 days Access 7.00$ now.
Membership expires after 90 Days.
Final Theory Test - 90 days 7.00$ now.
Membership expires after 90 Days.

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