Booking of Basic Theory Test (BTT) in Singapore

After deciding which driving license you are going to take, the first step is to book (and of course study for your BTT) you Basic Theory Test (BTT).

You can book the test with any of the driving centres in Singapore.

You can book for the Basic Theory Test (BTT) at the counter of your driving school together with the following documents:

  • S$ 6.00 (Test Fee) payable by NETS or Cashcard
  • NRIC (Singaporean/Permanent Resident)
  • Passport & Work Permit/Employment Pass (Foreigner)

You will be given a test fee receipt indicating the date & time of your test and the venue of the test.

You will be required to pass your Basic Theory Test (BTT) before you can proceed to apply for your Provisional Driving License (PDL) which allows you to take driving lessons with licensed driving instructors.